Top Do’s and Dont’s for a Successful Home Sale

Top Do's and Dont's for a Successful Home Sale

Looking to sell your home? Don’t be one of those unlucky homeowners that turn away potential buyers by making costly mistakes. From pricing your home properly to hiring the right real estate agent, here are some simple acts that can be taken to make your home more appealing to potential buyers — resulting in swifter sales and increased profits.


Do: Establish a strong list price that’s determined by comparable sales in your neighborhood. It’s the best way to convey a strong home in the mind of a buyer.
Don’t: Price your home higher to leave room for negotiation; this can lead to everything from a lack of offers to reduced showings. Also, accepting an offer for substantially less than your home is worth can make your home seem less desirable and portray you as a desperate seller. Finally, never incrementally decrease the price of your home … even if you end up with little or no offers. Each time you reduce the price of your home, a buyer will find it less appealing and even less likely to consider viewing it.


Do: Enlist the help of a knowledgeable and reputable real estate agent to sell your home. Look for someone with enthusiasm and creativity, who will give you the attention you deserve, and who will help you easily navigate your way through the entire process with courtesy and professionalism.
Don’t: Forget to ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. When an individual who’s not in the real estate business and has nothing to gain suggests an agent, you can be confident that you’re on to a winner. Plenty of people have a license to sell real estate, so make sure you don’t get stuck with a lemon.

Do: Sell now. Sellers often have the tendency to wait for a better real estate market before putting their homes up for sale. If you need or want to sell your home, then sell now; there will never be a better time.
Don’t: Join the thousands of other homeowners who’ve also decided to wait. When a few decide it’s time to take the plunge, then the inventory could be flooded and you’re probably already too late.


Do: Clear your house of all clutter before trying to sell.
Don’t: Forget to remove items such as family portraits, awards, electronics and collectibles. People want to see your home, not your personal belongings. This makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in your space. Also, don’t forget to mop, dust, vacuum, and wash windows, baseboards and crown molding. People also will look in cabinets and closets and under sinks, so make sure those sparkle as well. Finally, pay special attention to smells (especially pet or cooking odor). Consider airing out the house and using a vanilla-scented plug-in or potpourri.


Do: Make sure the buyer always wins —whether that’s the buyer winning at your price or their price. When a seller lets a buyer win, the entire process runs a lot more smoothly because the buyer is under the impression that he or she received a great deal.
Don’t: Be afraid to let a buyer go if you can’t reach a common ground during negotiations. At Day & Associates, we believe in win-win real estate sales. A negotiation is not a fight between the buyer and seller, it’s a meeting of intellectual minds to determine a happy outcome for both parties.

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